Washing Thickener

Washing thickener for solid-liquid separation of gold leaching liquid.

  • Countercurrent washing, large capacity and high washing efficiency
  • Small area taken
  • Stable production and convenient operation
Product Improvement


Washing Thickener
  • The continuous ore discharge method can reduce the multiple cycle of liquid gold, while extending the time of pulp staying in the washing thickener to improve the leaching rate.
  • Countercurrent washing, large capacity and high washing efficiency.
  • Small area taken, reasonable structure and low cost of operation and maintenance.

Work Principle

Ore pulps enter into tank and then free settle in rake zone where ore pulps are compressed by scraper and moved by rake toward the discharge opening located in tank center through which ore pulps are discharged to next tank. Via distributing box, clear water enters the lowest layer to scrub minerals. After that, overflow of the lowest layer comes back to distributing box to scrub minerals of upper layer. Overflow of first layer is discharged through overflow weir; minerals----which are scrubbed for three times----are discharged from bottom end.

It is mainly used to countercurrent scrubbing of gold cyaniding process. Three layers washing thickener is also applicable to scrubbing and dehydration in wet metallurgy, light industry and chemical industry.

Product Structure

Washing Thickener

Technical Parameters